Hanging from the old barn board ;the rope a twisted knot .

Haphazard are the trees and the weeds overgrown seems life forgot.


…And over in the next door lot where you thought the fortunes fell.

Distance seem the anguish cry…You know someones in hell.


Some beg ,some plead and still some fight tooth and nail so free.

Some deny, some cry,surprised some shy, some rattle and some do die.


I’d toss the king and burn the queen,relentless I’d attack.

I’d pierce the prince,I’d choke the Joker,persistent,

I’d fight that! I’d crush each one of them, blood beads on my back.

I’d run to heavens then hells,what I’d do, to bring you back.


I’d sift thru the sand and soil,

dig to china bare hands in hail.

I’d give up the last drop of water.

In the desert my ship would sail.

I’d search it all over; forever and again!

thru dark or light I’d find you.

and hold you while the tide cleans the sand.


What the story is ,what the story was will change as time goes by.

What I’ll never know; forever yearn to know …

Heaven on Earth the reason why.


A royal flush,full house I’d bluff.*lay my money flat*

Not a trace on my face I’d pocket the ace,

*no trail left in my track.*

I’d reach the moon * travel the world barefoot no map.*

I’d shuffle the cards even stack the deck,

*deal them out red and black.*

I’d flip the jack if it altered the path ,

*blood sweat beads on my back.*

I’d charm the princess and I’d cheat her too!

*What I’d do to bring you back.*


So clawing at the night,the wind stops my breath,

I search for some sign some peace some sense.

my prayers unanswered I crumble in my soul.

no fooling myself… I now dream alone.


I beg, I plead,and still I fight tooth and nail so free.

I deny I cry … surprised I shy,

I rattle, not knowing why?


I’d toss the king and burn the queen relentless.*I’d attack.*

I’d pierce the prince I’d choke the Joker persistent.*I’d fight that.*

I’d crush each one into powder *blood sweat tears bead on my back.*

I’d draw no terrors; no night torments.

*what I’d do to bring you back.*


Written By: Kim Dewitt