BezhigFrom the open spaces to the Rez, into the towns, the cities and back again. Through all of these places the cycle of life and events constantly interact giving up an endless flow of stories washing up on the shores of Lake Ontario. Bezhig was formed from that flow.

Three of the founding members of Bezhig – Jeff Richards, Joe Keesickquayash, Brent Bezhig – first met while attending Traditional Teachings at Anishnawbe Health and the Native Canadian Friendship Centre of Toronto. The Centre held an open music jam every Wednesday and during a break in teachings Jeff and Brent wandered into the jam room. There they met Randy May and David DeLeary. Invited to join in…….one quick song led to another. At that moment no one knew that Randy would become the fourth founding member, as the lead singer of Bezhig and that Dave would one day be giving them their first big break on Aboriginal Voices Radio in Toronto.

The 4 discovered that that although they came from different places and musical influences the sound that they made was unique and certainly not the standard Rez blues. But as life sped on there were changes along the way.

Randy left to take care of things back home.

Joe went on to complete a University Degree while raising a fine family. Besides being a great drummer Joe is a good guitar player and great bass player too! His drumming and efforts helped to hold it all together to make this possible.

Blair Jacobs and his guitar brought a thick sharp edge to the band whose sharpness remained after he moved on to music production opportunities.

Mark Bell brought the Funk! And a lot of laughs to those in the light and those from the shadows. His influence helped to change the direction of the band in a good way.

Enter Ken Griffin. His solid syncopated rhythms were a welcome addition, as sure as a heart beat, that made the writing and recording of the album Thunderdrum and the one before it Change Your Ways an enjoyable experience in sound.

Live a little, Love a lot. Experience some life and you’ve got something to sing about. Listen to Bezhig and sing along.